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Welcome on the new site of Datafakt.

The newest version for 2010 will be available soon. Why choose for the new Datafakt 2010?

  • Credit check
    Verify in advance whether your customer can pay! By entering a customer's VAT, the new datafakt checks whether your customer is creditworthy. This package is separately available for €249.
  • Automated Backup system
    The new auto automated backup system makes a backup every day, because if your pc crashed, it's to late!
  • User-friendly
    By listening to our customers, we've managed to make DATAFAKT 2009 even more user-friendly.

Everything remains the same. All programmes of Datafakt continue to work and also the technical support continues exist for all versions of Datafakt.


Tel: 070/66 18 01
Fax: 070/66 18 00
Email: Info@datafakt.be
Support: 0903 69 022